Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry Uelsmann is one of my favorite photographers. He does his work by hand, which takes great skill. This type of printing takes a lot of pre-planning and thought. In addition the ideas behind the work takes a great deal of trial and error and visual planning. I really respect his work and I love the fantasy nature of the photo's that he creates. He was well ahead of his time when he did these and every body of work I've seen has managed to inspire me. One of the projects I want to work on this semester was partially inspired by his work. I want to do fairytale/ dream realm with familiar stories. I want to take the film print and make digital backgrounds to fade through into them. I want to do this by hand to preserve the texture between the two mediums and to add texture by using a process that will slightly fog the digital to give more of a dream state. And in trying to plan for my own project.. I can account for how difficult his work is. They move me. They make my mind wander and imagine.. That is what I want my particular project this year to do.


  1. Have you ever made digital negatives for use on the darkroom? Might be something we should talk about for your final project in this course.

  2. I cannot believe our college students today have not learned how to write! Reading these blogs and other writings baffles me how they made it to college? I see so many words used out of context and misspellings, it is sickening. And they will become the future of writing, sickening.......